Did President Trump suffer a stroke during yesterday’s press conference?

Donald Trump is not known for eloquent and articulate speech. He routinely mispronounces words, names, and even invents new words on the spot. But yesterday was different. During a speech at the White House explaining his bizarre decision to relocate the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Avi to Jerusalem, the last thirty seconds were notably cringeworthy as his speech became increasingly slurred:

What was that? Does the President wear dentures, or is something more serious at play here? When asked for comment, an unnamed White House spokesperson stated the President suffered from a severe case of “dry mouth” and nothing more. At first that sounds bizarre, but this explanation might hold water as was demonstrated three weeks ago during a White House Press Conference where President Trump awkwardly searches for a glass of water before continuing his remarks:

After watching Trump slur his words, arm-chair orthodontists and neurologists across the internet rushed to diagnose the President with everything from a broken dental crown, to suffering brain cancer or even a stroke. The casual observer will certainly notice a change in Trump’s speech, but to suggest the President of the United States of America suffered a stroke on live television is a serious accusation.

Though Federal law in the United States requires Presidents have an annual physical, there is no law requiring the President release the results of said physical publicly. During the 2016 campaign, then Candidate Trump released the results of his most recent physical on an episode of the ‘Dr. Oz Show.’ The two-page health report signed by his primary care physician stated that [if elected] Donald Trump would be the “healthiest President ever elected.”

Trump, 71, is currently the oldest President elected to a first term in office.