Watches – how this timely fashion piece is becoming much more creative

Watches have been a key fashion accessory for the modern male in the last century. They used to be exclusively worn by women, whereas men wore pocket watches. Things changed in the 20th century with men wearing watches often; now this accessory is adjusting once again as smartwatches and creative watches become the must-have accessory, yet they come at a costly price.

As generations grow up, watches change. Many young men consider watches to be unnecessary, especially since everyone has their mobile phone to hand, and therefore can easily check the time – that is if the phone’s battery hasn’t run out. Hence why smartwatches have really come into their own as they have various other features other than just telling the time; but, they’re pricey, for sure and then don’t even last a full day, whereas a normal watch can work for months on end.

Yet, why should you go for a normal boring watch? You’re less likely to get a comment about it, and even if you do, it’s not much of a compliment – since, it is, after all, just a watch. You might as well go all out and choose a creative watch.

Add Colour To Your Wrist

Look at how popular Ice-Watch watches are, with their various colours that allow you to match this fashion accessory with the outfit you are wearing. There are plenty of other brands who have followed suit including some top brands such as Nixon, Versace, Gucci, Lacoste, and even Swatch. Why stop with colourful watches? Why not go for a completely unique creative watch, one that will probably take you some time before you can properly tell the time from. These watches just show how this timeless fashion accessory is switching it up to rival those popular smartwatches.


Van Cleef & Arpels’ Midnight Planétarium Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Midnight Planétarium Watch

Let’s start off with the watch that very few can afford, that costs £200,800.00, because, why wouldn’t you wear a watch that costs this much? It’s the planetarium watch from Van Cleef & Arpels – who have released a whole collection of creative watches that we’re quite happy to just browse at whilst dreaming about wearing one, one day. By far, our favourite is the “Midnight Planétarium Watch” that is completely amazing and will go with whatever outfit you choose. Wear the universe on your arm, showing six planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth. The watch showcases the rotation of those planets, but don’t fret, you can tell the time by the outer edge star. This is one watch we all want to wear, but probably never will.

NAVA’s Ora Unica

Monochrome fashion is back in, yet finding the perfect watch to work with your black and white outfit is never an easy task. Yet, the Ora Unica watch by NAVA brings a unique twist on the way we all read time. Using a squiggly line, coiled around in a swirl; the ends tell the minutes and the hours. It’s actually two lines printed on a transparent disc. At £110 this watch would totally suit any monochrome outfit you plan on wearing.

JORD’s Wood Watches

Most creative watches change the way we read time, but JORD has done something totally different and has focused on changing up the strap instead. Made out of wood, the watch will definitely look unique on your arm; whilst their colourful faces will definitely impress. How can you not want one of these?

Iron Samurai Metal LED Watch

Iron Samurai LED watch

If you’re looking for creative but affordable watches, here’s the Iron Samurai Metal LED watch. It changes our concept of digital watches, using a LED backing light to display the numbers through the metal strap. It’s different, creative and can be found for as little as £10.

Apple Watch

There is a whole range of other creative watches that you need on your wrist; however, at the moment, smartwatches are high in fashion. The Apple Watch has done what Apple does best and goes all out to make the must-have accessory. This watch is not only well built, but has a range of different models to choose from, and let’s not even go into the customisations.

Samsung Gear Watches

Rivalling Apple, as usual, is Samsung with their Samsung Gear Watch ranges, slightly more affordable, they’re just as sleek but with fewer models and customisations, with the intention to look like a general watch.

Fashion Brand Watches

Many fashion brands have also gone into smartwatches; especially Michael Kors, who are gaining a lot of traction and publicity with their range. Other brands doing the same includes Emporio Armani, Guess, and Hugo Boss.

Whatever your choice of watch, it’s clear that watches will continue to be a must-have accessory for the modern male. As time goes on and technology progresses, could the classic watch become redundant, or will it thrive and become stylish once more?