3-step total skincare with one winning formula; test driving the new Lab Series PRO LS.

Although it pains me to say this, I must have been using Lab Series skincare products since I was in my early 20s. That is almost 20 years ago! As a teenager, I had great skin, but once I started shaving, this all seemed to change and made my face and neck very sensitive. I tried various highly priced products or whichever came with the most number of free gifts; and one thing I learned is that I could never use Clinique, as this caused my skin to come out in a red flaming rash!

Lab Series Logo

I went into Fenwick in Newcastle one day and had a consultation with a Lab Series rep and I have to say I have never looked back. I remember she explained that their products are fragrance-free and thus will not irritate my skin. She recommended a moisturiser with an SPF to not only protect my fair skin but also to assist with the ageing process. Normally you don’t worry about your skin ageing in your 20s, but I have to say that this advice has paid dividends. I will be 42 next month and often get shocked faces from people when I tell them how old I am, although this is probably after a few drinks!

I have strayed a couple of times over the years with skincare products, but I always come back to Lab Series. I have been using their Multi-Action Face Wash for nigh on two decades and this is one of my favourite products, as my skin always feels invigorated and fresh as a daisy after using it.

I decided a few weeks ago to try their new PRO LS range starting with some products from their All-In-One range and start a 3-step morning skincare regime of sorts.

On a weekday morning, I like to jump out of bed when my alarm goes off and immediately get into the shower; I’m not one for snoozing. The PRO LS All-In-One Shower Gel is a brilliant way to start off my shower routine. The smell is fresh and leaves you feeling clean and moisturised all over. I have used this to wash my hair a couple of times and its rich lather is brilliant for removing yesterday’s product from your scalp.

After I have washed my hair, I then move onto using the PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel. This is excellent for making my face and beard feel clean and the zingy lather is easily rinsed off. It leaves my face feeling fresh, yet does not dry out my combination skin. This has to be my favourite daily cleanser right now. I was told for added effect that I should wash this off with freezing cold water to help minimise pores, but I’ve tried this twice and the dreadful shock does not seem to have any effect.

All-in-one Shower Gel, Face Cleansing Gel, Face Hydrating Gel

The last step in this regime is moisturising. The PRO LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel is slick, light and soothing for my skin, particularly after I have just shaved around my beard. One thing we are all obsessed with right now is “mattifying”, as none of us want to have oily faces like we’ve been eating pepperoni pizza all day. This gel leaves my skin feeling fresh and shine-free and you can feel it instantly absorbing into your skin.


These products may be priced at a slightly higher level than the more pedestrian skincare ranges, but the rewards are definitely worth the extra money. If you want to try this 3-step regime, or any of the other brilliant products in the Lab Series range, I recommend you go to the official site and signing up as a new customer will get you 15% off your first order. You will not regret it.