The power of the incredible plus-size person

It is time, step aside and make way for the power of the incredible plus-size person. I’m talking about a breed of chunky, beefy, meaty (however you’d like to put it) handsome people around the world. The infinite capability of the plus-size person is entirely underestimated in this world and misunderstood as I’ve noticed in most articles. Why did it take people by surprise when “plus-size models” were introduced to top modelling agencies? From experience; a big shapely male dancer moves just as well as a lean dancer as he jumps, splits, pirouettes, barrel turns, dresses it down in a sexy man-vest, dresses it up in a nice suit or completely lumberjacking it, showing some scruffy manliness.

It’s not an excuse to eat an obscene amount of double cheeseburgers and it’s not replacing the word obese. It’s an understanding that human beings do not need to look like supermodels to look great or to be seen as active sporty people or to even walk the catwalk. Plus-size models have just made it easier for the general population to relate and to be able to imagine their selves wearing that great outfit. I’m not saying you should have a flabby gut hanging over your trousers or not take care of your health, I’m saying you should feel happy and sexy in your body even if it’s a bit round around the edges. You can dress for your body, whatever shape or size and look amazing!

Having relatable models in the media allows the younger generations to have a more realistic view of what it is to be happy and healthy when they grow up. You don’t have to be lean to be healthy and more importantly that there are so many different shapes and sizes of people in the world so there is no need to compare yourself, just take care of that body because it’s the only one you have. If you are a supermodel and your job is to compare yourself well then that is entirely different and stay strong in this harsh industry!

More than 6000 people per year in the UK take their lives due to depression. There are so many reasons and I think you would agree that these people deserved any help they could get to help prevent them from taking their life. Acceptance is very low for people who are different no matter where I travel in the world. If we can make it easier for people to relate to models in media by introducing more plus-size, edgy marketing campaigns, who knows, the impact may be so great that we see it filter down to young people in schools and make a difference to not only positive body image but to all those kids who look or sound different to the rest. Maybe then, we can make a difference to those 6000 people who are lost each year for no good reason.

Photo credit: Anthony Patrick Manieri