Jamie Button on his foray into designer mens underwear

Iam a new underwear designer, Jamie Button, based in London and I want to tell you all about my hot new brand and why I decided to bravely enter the world of men’s underwear.

For me, men’s underwear is often a little hit and miss, I quite often like the style of a few brands, but then one or two washes and they either fade in colour or lose their shape and I find the whole thing frustrating, particularly when you are paying around £30.  Not only that, I also think that men’s underwear is missing a bit of class.  I know there are premium brands out there and don’t get me wrong they are great but, not always affordable for today’s modern man.

With this in mind, I decided to create something that could solve all of these factors, and come up with relative
ly simple designs in my first collection that are stylish, good quality, and great fit in all of the right places.  All my products are made in the UK, which comes at a cost but has allowed me to work closely with a manufacturer to ensure that every single element is perfect.  The detailed waste band has been created in Italy by the same manufacturer as the world’s top two designers, and I was so lucky to find such a great manufacturer for what was the most challenging element of bringing the pieces together.

I believe in my product, and I believe in my brand and there is so much more I want to achieve. Today, as I write this, I am finalising my women’s underwear/loungewear collection and getting ready for my swimwear collection too which I can see on lots of hot guys in Madrid, Mykonos and Barcelona.

As much as I am loving the experience of running my own business and a brand, its far tougher than I thought it would be and its a competitive industry out there, and its difficult to get heard and noticed.  If you have ever seen an episode of X-factor, I often remind myself of those contestants that apply year after year, they keep on trying and eventually, they get there.  Hopefully, that will me and I will get there too, and I will stick at it as I’m so passionate about fashion and design and its all I want to do every second of the day (apart from the obvious stuff of course haha).

At present, there are twelve stylish designs to choose from at my website www.jamiebutton.co.uk that incorporate black, white and gold across each of the pieces.  I chose these colours, to begin with, as for me they ooze luxury and style.  I plan to start introducing more colours in future collections, including my up and coming swimwear range.

For those reading this, it would be great if you could get behind me and the brand and follow my Instagram page and my journey @jamiebuttonlondon