A Valentine’s Day to remember – 4 ways to impress your date

A truly modern gentleman is one who is entirely familiar with a courteous lifestyle. You are reading this because you feel that you would want to do something very special on Valentine’s day, something you haven’t done before. You will want to surprise yourself but especially your date needs to be impressed. Imagine the perfect evening. You arrive at the residence of your longed-for date. Surely you arrive in a well-polished car in black tie. Always tie your bow tie yourself, you will be immaculate! Take your date to a proper restaurant, show that you have taken care of this choice as one of the trademarks of a true gentleman is his knowledge and experience in fine dining.

As The Cultured Gentleman I would like to give you a choice for after dinner events which show your sophistication and class. You will impress your date, but you have to your homework in order to truly deliver.

A Musical Evening

A gentleman knows his opera’s, but an opera without knowing what the content is too much to take in. Find an accessible opera such as Madame Butterfly by Puccini or Verdi’s Aida. Do your research and know the plot inside out, tell your date exactly what he can expect. In the interval make sure Champagne is ready.

Dance your Way into the Night

The most romantic of all is a good ballet performance but make sure that you familiarise with the performers and the plot. Try to get good seats where you can have a good overview of the stage and from where you can see the orchestra in the pit as well.

Privacy at Last

There are many small galleries where you might be able to get a private viewing of the collection. It might cost a bit but also here you will show yourself at your best. Make your arrangements in time and do your homework. Essential is knowing the works of art and the context in which they have been created.

A Concert Experience

Good seats in a proper concert hall are the primary ingredients for the enjoyment of this evening in which you can totally flourish. Let the music take you away to higher grounds and with champagne in the interval, there is much to expect from the continuation of the evening. First class seats, first class champagne and first-class music. What more could be needed to impress your date?

Happy Valentines Day from The Cultured Gentleman!

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