L’Oreal ‘Men Expert’ Review – Exploring the Revolution that is Men’s Skincare

Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Cream:

Although I don’t have tattoos myself, I did give this product to a friend to review, after I initially had a play with it myself. On immediate inspection, the product smells and feels great, highly moisturising without any ‘sticky’ or ‘waxy’ feeling residue. My tattooed friend however totally loved the product, saying after a few days of using the product, his tattoos appeared to look more defined and the skin around them looked brighter. I explained to him, that it was most probably due to the fact that the product was powered by creatine, a natural acid which helps skin look smoother and more youthful.

Hydra Power Refreshing Face Wash, Anti-Discomfort:

I loved this product, especially if you, like me have the world’s most sensitive skin. It’s formulated with a very clever ultra-gel formula, which comforts the skin, and is, therefore, an ideal product to use post-shave. The addition of menthol cools the face and provides that refreshing deep clean sensation, that leaves you feeling squeaky clean. I would most definitely recommend it to those who have an oily skin type or suffer from an oily T-zone.

Hydra Shower Mountain Water Shower:

This is like no other shower gel. Not only does it smell like you are bathing beneath a waterfall in the Amazon Jungle, the fact that it’s enriched with mountain water leaves you in a state of total hydration. It’s the ultimate 3 in 1, targeting face, body and hair. I felt hydrated for hours and my skin wasn’t left feeling tight as it does with many other multi-use shower products.

 Hydra Power Refreshing Moisturiser:

I was very impressed by this powerful pump-action moisturiser. I love the sensation of a very hydrated face but can’t abide the look of a shiny face, nor the sensation of ‘greasiness’ I have experienced from many moisturisers. The ultra-gel texture of the cream immediately mattifies the skin and the presence of mountain water and the added bonus of Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture to the skin, forming a protective barrier which helps retain the hydration levels for longer. This product is definitely on the top of my list the next time I have a ‘Treat Myself Day.’